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Terms of Use

  • You may not use Minato Namikaze or any of Minato Namikaze's services if you’re under the legal age to use Discord. If caught, you will get blacklisted from our services and will be reported to Discord’s T&S team.
  • You may not abuse Minato Namikaze or any of Minato Namikaze services in any shape of form, Abusing will suspend you temorarily from using Minato Namikaze commands.
  • You take full responsibility for your actions with Minato Namikaze in your server(s), we will not be liable for any damage done.
  • You will not flex with the badge generated by Minato Namikaze as they are mean’t for fun only.

Boruto Messing with Naruto

Last update: March 13, 2022
Created: March 13, 2022